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NRA Expertise: Our skill set is in innovation

Architecture, Urban Design, Masterplanning, Interior Architecture and Space Planning is our life as it has been for over four decades.  nra-co-lab brings together a powerful team of professionals from a range of disciplines to deliver creative, innovative and reliable solutions to our valued clients through all phases of projects. nra-co-lab’s research and thought leadership delivers provocative and intelligent solutions that allow us to involve our clients in the process of design and delivery from inception to completion. The NRA Collaborative is a studio where collaboration is paramount and the impact of our work leaves a legacy of value to the communities in which we operate.


At The NRA Collaborative we work in the spirit of enquiry, challenging preconceptions and testing conventions. We are committed to design excellence which responds to the needs of clients; design which is efficient and respects human values, and delivers sustainable outcomes in the built form. We believe the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building, the structure that supports it; the services that allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolism of the form; and the relationship of the building to its urban context. Our architecture is the built expression of the societies in which we live, work and play. We believe in respecting the environment in these various communities and thereby creating innovative commercially responsible sustainable solutions.


Master Planning

At The NRA Collaborative we believe that masterplanning is the process of making decisions to guide future development. We carefully and innovatively balance the built environment with the natural environment, community needs, cultural significance and economic sustainability with the aim of improving the quality of life whilst creating vibrant well organised communities in our projects. With our masterplanning and architectural team working closely together our masterplans embody quality architecture which enhances the fabric of the urban and/or natural environment. Our objective is to design liveable, adaptable, sustainable and commercially viable habitats which achieve the ambitions of our clients and respect human and environmental values.

2010-04-7349 -07- Apartment 4802 Riparian Plaza - David Millarlowres

Interior Design

At The NRA Collaborative our main focus for interior design is on the client – their beliefs and requirements, how they will use the space and their overall vision. We aim to create inspired spaces where the user enjoys the desired experience. We provide knowledge and experience combined with current and future design thinking. With our architecture and interior design team working closely together under one roof, the final outcome of the projects show a clear and coherent finish. Our ultimate goal is to produce interior spaces that are not just visually attractive but effective, functional places in which we work, live or play.

Project Management

This holistic approach is augmented by a strong commitment to the clients we serve, and also to the public domain and the many users involved. A high degree of personal service, coupled with respect for the precious resources of cost and time, therefore characterises our client relationships. We believe the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building: the structure that holds it up; the services that allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolism of the form; the relationship of the building to the skyline or the streetscape; the way you move through or around it; and last but not least its ability to lift the spirits.

141013 - 222 Margaret St - V16 Living Study - Final 2000

3D Renders

Our in-house render team provides A-grade life-like images on your projects vision so you don’t need to imagine the final layout and design concepts. Through these renders you will have the opportunity to experiment with finishes, layouts and concepts allowing you to make changes on designs before it is too late.

Producing these images internally ensure your designs remain confidential and are never shared with third party companies or developers. The 3D render service is an added benefit to clients keeping all your drawings under one roof and a cohesion for all aspects of your job.

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