Highline Apartments

Highline, situated at 8 Bank Street, West End in Brisbane, is an 8 level apartment building, with 3 basement levels and a rooftop entertainment area. The site is well placed near to shopping and a thriving restaurant precinct.

The building is a highly modulated structure, with deep setbacks and a sculptural façade system to provide both shading and privacy. The project is one of many in close proximity, being designed by NRA. Tropical climate response is evidenced through the façade treatment, and the planting in front of the building and on each level in the public foyer areas and the roof entertainment area. Crisp white lines are the theme for the project and a strong contrast between highlights and shade will create an attractive façade from any orientation.

Apartment mix is a series of 16 ground level, 1 and 2 bed garden apartments with private terraces, with 7 levels of typical units above. A total of 142 apartments will be provided with 97 two beds and 45 one bed units, each with dedicated parking and storage facilities.

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Development by BPM. Visit Highline Apartments website, click here.

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